Close up of roughly textured surface of a painting
Reflexions, echoes, reverberating back and back to infinity: I have discovered the pleasure of having a long past behind me ... a background to the diaphanous present; a background that gives its colour and its light, just as rocks or sand show through the shifting brilliance of the sea.
 - Simone de Beauvoir 

The play of daylight on a decaying plaster wall. A line carved through space by an outflung arm. The planes and folds of a face, expression revealed in the shadows, the lines of a life fully lived. Inspiration is in all of these. Creation is the struggle to capture light, line and life with words or with paint. 

Dorian is the professional name of Australian artist and writer Anna Mandoki. Dorian has a Diploma in Professional Writing & Editing from RMIT Melbourne, and has completed a VCA short course in Painting Techniques. Creating on Wurundjeri woi wurrung country in Melbourne/Naarm Australia, she has been working full time in her arts practice since late 2019. 

Primarily focused on portraiture, Dorian layers soil, photographs, sand and paint to add depth and complexity to her portrayal of each sitter, providing echoes of place, memory and time. 

For information about Anna's writing and books, please visit her dedicated website: annamandokiwords.com.

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Painting Awards

2022   Percival Portrait Painting Prize - Finalist

2022   Southern Buoy Studios Portrait Prize - Finalist